Managing the Sensory Needs of Students with Autism


Tuesday 29th March 2022


9:00am – 3:30pm


The Autism Training Hub, Giant Steps, Gladesville, Sydney



Course Description

The nervous system impacts how your students function, their ability to regulate their emotions and in turn their successful engagement in your classroom.

This full day course looks at the model of sensory processing and the current research into student’s arousal and emotional regulation.  Participants will carry out standardized sensory assessments and an Adult Sensory Profile to gain a deeper understanding of how sensory information is processed. It will also provide a better understanding of the experiences of your students.

Learn practical ideas for managing differences between students and ensure that your children with autism cope with their environment and increase their ability to learn and engage in your school.

Explore the different types of approaches for managing sensory processing disorders including adapting the environment, the task and child-specific techniques to support arousal levels.

This course is relevant to teachers, support staff, child care educators, and other professionals from health and social services working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who present with sensory needs.


Presenter – Daniel Snow

Daniel Snow has been working as an Occupational Therapist at Giant Steps since 2012. He has worked across all programs including the school and adult services. His special interests include childhood play and the design of play spaces for children, and implementing positive behaviour support and emotional regulation programs. In 2015, Daniel coordinated the Sydney Playground Project research at Giant Steps in collaboration with the University of Sydney. Currently, Daniel heads our National OT Team and enjoys mentoring OTs from our Sydney and Melbourne schools. Daniel is also a qualified Vedic Meditation teacher.


Presenter – Jenny Loughnan

Jen Loughnan has been working as a teacher at Giant Steps Sydney since 2006 and is the Head of our K-6 program. She has worked intensively with families when they start their schooling life at Giant Steps assisting them to manage the transition. She works closely with the transdisciplinary team to develop and implement learning programs guided by the NESA Curriculum.

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