The Photography Design program has successfully provided students with an opportunity to explore the world around them using a range of technology.

Senior Design and Technology Program

During this unit of work, students learnt about the medium of photography. They compared modern devices such as digital devices with those from past years including disposable cameras, polaroid cameras, and long exposure cameras. Students learnt about techniques used when taking a photograph to ensure their desired image has been captured, such as framing, focus, and zoom. They learnt how to use editing software to make changes to their image and evaluate the outcomes of this process by comparing the changes that had occurred in their work.

Students learnt about how photography has changed over time and the factors that had influenced these changes including advances in technology, our society and the development in interests and hobbies over time. Students compared photographs from the past to those of the present day, commenting on the images using multiple modes of communication including keywords and AAC.

The program and all of the resources that we used during the teaching of this program can be found under the resources heading on this page.  We hope you have as much fun as we did teaching it!

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