‘My Wardrobe’ is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a maths curriculum, however this theme links students everyday experiences of clothing, furniture and belongings with mathematical concepts.

Using everyday items to teach mathematical skills.

Students have the opportunity to explore and engage with various tasks such as classifying, measuring, quantifying and sorting. Students classify and group clothing based on colour, shape, size and category. Students explore whole numbers, addition, subtraction, and multiplication through a range of hands on, tactile activities using items of clothing such as gloves and socks. Through the ‘My Wardrobe’ unit, students learn to recognise and repeat continuing patterns.

This unit will offer students a practical application of mathematical concepts and theories. Teachers and students can take data and interpret graphs with the types of clothes students are wearing each day, along with referencing clothes appropriate to the weather, seasons and temperature.

Through ‘My Wardrobe’ students will develop an understanding through inquiry, exploring, and connecting mathematical concepts, applying problem solving skills and mathematical techniques with various forms of communication. The use of concrete materials and application of pictorial representations promotes the holistic understanding and fluent approach to mathematics.

Rachael Bowen
Giant Steps Sydney
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